She held the children's hands over a hot stove and swung a 3 year old around by her hair.

According to, even though the nanny on trial, Lidia Quilligana apologized to the family for the horrors she inflicted on the children she was paid to keep safe, Judge Kevin Russo sentenced Quilligana to 15 years in prison. The children's attorney, Sharon Dornfield told the judge:

She tortured those children. There is no other way to describe it!

The only defense that Quilligana's attorney, Jenn Tunnard could provide was that she was abused by her father growing up. She told the court:

Quilligana disciplined the children the only way she knew how. She is really a sad person who lost control.

Attorney Tunnard also told

Lidia Quilligana's father would drink heavily, would hang Lidia and her siblings by their legs and then beat them until they bled.

Presiding Judge Kevin Russo was visibly shaken by the video showing Quilligana letting the girl out of the toy box and then ordering her upstairs only to violently slap even though she obeyed. Near the end of the trial, Judge Russo sentenced Quilligana to 15 years in prison and went on to say,

The punishment doesn't even come close to fitting the crime.


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