In my opinion, a five year prison sentence is ridiculous for selling heroin to someone who dies from an overdose. It should be 25 years!

According to,the dealer's name is Ronald Weaver, who is known to be a big time heroin dealer. In March of 2016, an unidentified Newtown woman with three young children died from a heroin overdose after purchasing several bags of heroin tied to Weaver. Waterbury was his selling base, where he sold close to 1,000 individual doses of his death drug which brought in about $6,000 per week.

Weaver has been convicted of selling drugs five times and has spent 42 months in prison, not including the prison term he faces for this Newtown woman's death. Before this conviction, Weaver has been trying to better himself by doing community service by mentoring children in his community and working with the homeless shelter.

I understand everyone needs to make a living, but selling a drug that can kill? I can't help but wonder how many of his other customers have overdosed and died. Maybe it's time to put this drug dealer away for the rest of his life.


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