We've been in a weird weather pattern over the last few weeks. Mild weather by mid-week, then cold and snow for the weekend.

It looks like this pattern is going to continue this weekend. We've seen temperatures up close to 60 degrees today (Jan. 12), but according to our Meteorologist, Bill Jaquemin, cold air will arrive again by Friday evening, sending the mercury into the teens and giving us some snow by Saturday afternoon and evening. But how much snow can we expect this time? I asked Bill Jaquemin to give us an idea:

This storm is more of a coastal disturbance and should have less of an impact than last weekends storm, however it's tough to pinpoint exactly how much when you're in a system like we're in now. The dynamics can change quickly, and timing is everything. We're looking for snow to begin mid to late afternoon Saturday and continue until around midnight, with the heaviest snow falling between 6 pm and 9 pm. Look for 1-3 inches of accumulation.

So, we're not looking at a bad storm, but just annoying. So when you want to take it easy and enjoy some down time, you'll need to grab the shovels and fire up the snow blower, because winter returns again this weekend.