Girl Scout leaders all over the United States know exactly what they're doing when it comes to their cookies.

This is how it all begins. Your doorbell rings and when you open the door, there she is, a smiling ambitious little Girl Scout with her mom standing right behind her order form in hand. Every year you tell yourself you're not giving in to these delectable Girl Scout Cookies. You've put on a few pounds and you're thinking about working out, but you know that stuffing more cookies into your mouth is bad, very, very bad! You feel so weak and helpless because your willpower is slipping away like your cash at the casino.

Even though Girl Scouts won't be selling their cookies door-to-door until after the New Year, they will be selling their enticing cookies at booths all over the Greater Danbury area until Nov. 12. They are also sending boxes of their cookies to Servicemen and Servicewomen all over the country. Buy an extra box of cookies, and the Girl Scouts will send them for you. To find a location near you, click on 

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