I did it once, I absent-mindedly left my gear behind after an early morning fishing trip. Luckily, it was at a friend's house in Sandy Hook on Lake Zoar and all I had to do to get it back was call and tell him to grab my stuff off the dock. If I had lost my collection of lures, hooks, bobbers, etc, all together? I would have been devastated, it took me years to accumulate all of my tackle box's treasures.

A heartwarming story was just posted by the Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police and it involves a lost tackle box, and this one has a happy ending too.

According to the social media post, in September 2020, someone found a tackle box full of gear at the Marine District Headquarters in Old Lyme, CT and they turned it in. The tackle box eventually landed in the hands of CT EnCon Officer Blackwell, who understood that the box and its content took a long time for someone to accumulate. So, Officer Blackwell undertook the mission to reunite the gear with its owner.

Officer Blackwell's efforts finally paid off last Friday, May 14, 2021, when the tackle box's owner, identified only as Clifford, was finally reunited with his lost gear after a long 8 months.

My dad taught me how to tie a hook, weigh a line down with sinkers, where to put the bobber, and how to take a hook out of a fish's mouth. If I lost all of those important tools that had been handed down to me? I would have been crushed. Great job Officer Blackwell.

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