Sometimes it's the little things that get the most attention, and one of the smaller movements that has erupted across Connecticut, if not the whole country, is something called "Little Free Library".

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I admit, I'm late to the game because it's obviously a world-wide thing that I just started to really notice. I guess the first one "Little Free Library" that I saw was in Salisbury, along Rt. 7, up near the Connecticut/Massachusetts border. Little Free Libraries are basically small roadside weatherproof cabinets, that are filled with books that have been donated, which are free for the taking. Obviously the hope is that you leave a book for every one that you take, but, it's a great idea. I noticed on social media that New Milford's Harrybrooke Park just installed a Little Free Library.

I did a search on the homepage of, and I guess I need to open my eyes up and look for more of these little gems, because the state of Connecticut is seemingly filled with them. Check out this image to show where they are located in Connecticut - - Location search - Location search

I think it's such an incredibly positive initiative, you never know what worlds will be opened up to someone that reads. Little Free Library announced on their website that they are currently developing an app, so finding these little gems should be easier. They state that the LFL app should be released sometime this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for these little special containers as you drive around Connecticut, powerful knowledge is printed on the pages of the books inside.

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