According to CBS 4 Boston, a dude pulled an axe out at Kiss 108 in Boston on Monday when they would not play his Insane Clown Posse request.

He actually showed up in person to make the request. The song he wanted, fittingly, was "My Axe" by I.C.P. They refused to play it, he pulled out his axe and demanded it. The SWAT team showed up and after a three hour standoff, the man was arrested and pulled into custody.

First off, Insane Clown Posse is the worst "band" ever. Period and end of story. Second, I looked into it, and Kiss 108 is a station that plays like Top 40-type stuff, so he did not stand a chance of them playing it. Hell, we are a rock station and we would NEVER play them. Rap stations don't play them, and alternative stations do not play I.C.P. That's because they suck. Every radio station person I know has a story like this, I sure do.

One night, many years ago, I was here at i95 doing a 7-Midnight shift on a Saturday night. It was around 11:00 PM when I heard loud slams down the hall. I checked it out, and found a man in our vestibule slamming his fist against the glass wall. He was obviously locked out, but we could both see and hear each other. He was shirtless, had no shoes or socks, and was actively bleeding from the face. It was safe to say I was not letting him in.

I asked what he wanted, and he said he wanted me to play Boston. I said, "Yeah, just wait ten minutes and you will hear a Boston song." That answer was not satisfactory to him, so he decided to start launching his body against the glass. He was later arrested and taken into custody because that kind of thing is frowned upon. It's not like the movie Airheads. You will lose that battle every time.

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