Connecticut is full of sleepy little towns, and most of them have a main street where you can find their small concentration of shops and businesses in a few block radius. Some are better than others. has just named a town in the Greater Danbury area as having the "Best 'Main Street' Shopping District" in all of Connecticut.

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According to's 50 Best Main Street Shopping Districts for all 50 States, it should come to no surprise to us here that they've named Ridgefield's Main Street Shopping District as Connecticut's best.'s describes the Main Street Ridgefield experience as "Main Street and Danbury Road are adorned with shops and boutiques, an art museum, an agricultural historical center, a theater, and a playhouse. It's also home to a 'Celebrity hangout where you can actually afford to eat'". I clicked on the link in their article to see what celebrity hangout in Ridgefield they were referring to, and it's Ridgefield's Luc's Cafe & Restaurant, because Keith Richards was spotted eating lunch there.

As a resident of the great state of Connecticut for over 50 years, I have to say that I agree with, for the most part. Main Street in Ridgefield is definitely one of Connecticut's finest Main Street shopping districts, but the best? My votes would go to Southbury for walkability and diversity, Kent for beauty and charm, and Middletown for nightlife and dining. Waterbury? Hartford? Danbury? All of their Main Street shopping districts are corporate owned at this point. If you want to see Amazon delivery vans, that's where they are.

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