This past weekend, one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States filed for bankruptcy. Rite Aid, with 27 locations in Connecticut, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Two days later a list of 150 underperforming Rite Aid stores slated for permanent closure was made public. Only one Rite Aid in Connecticut was on there, sorry Bethel.

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According to, there was only one Rite Aid out of all 27 in Connecticut deemed to be underperforming, and it's in greater Danbury. The Rite Aid located at 289 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel will not be there anymore sometime in the near future. That's the best guess that I can give you, so far there has been no word as to when these store closures are going to commence. Personally, I'm shocked that the Rite Aid location on Fairfield Avenue in Waterbury made the cut. That was my go-to for the past few decades prior to moving to Torrington.

Connecticut only had one store announced as part of the closure, same as our Northern neighbor Massachusetts. Our Western neighbors have it way worse. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania will each lose around 20 Rite Aid stores in their states. The hardest hit state nationally? California, with over 30+ locations set to disappear.

Have you seen the lines at Walgreens pharmacy locations across Connecticut this week? My friend who works at CVS told me that they received a crush of customers looking to transfer over from Walgreens due to their pharmacy staff walkouts. News also broke this week that Amazon would be starting prescription drug drone deliveries in Texas soon. This is not a great time to wait on refilling your meds

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