The newest business in New Milford called Bleu on Bank is a perfect fit for this quaint Connecticut town where charcuterie and cheese is the name of the game at 50 Bank Street.

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According to CT Post, a New Milford resident and personal chef for three decades, Peggy DeFeo, graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. She then wasted no time becoming a caterer and private chef for celebrities.

Anybody can throw together some smoked meats and cheese appetizers when friends are coming over for dinner, but nothing that compares to what Peggy's Bleu on Bank shop can put together.

There are two different sections to the new shop. As you walk through the door, you'll feel like you walked into somebody's living room and dining room who's having guests over for a dinner party. Everything you need for your own personal dinner party is displayed, such as plates and platters, glasses, and cocktail napkins. Practically everything you see is for sale.

Bleu on Bank - FB Page
Bleu on Bank - FB Page

As you walk to the rear of the shop, you'll experience the delicious scents of gourmet meats and cheeses that make up the foods of the charcuterie such as bacon-wrapped dates, crab cakes, cheese, and pate.

To Peggy DeFeo and her staff at Bleu on Bank, welcome to New Milford from all of us here and may your business thrive!

How much do we all love New Milford's Bank Street? I know it holds a soft spot in my heart from back in the day when The Ethan and Omelette Show was live from the Bank Street Coffee House one morning in June of 2021.

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Mr. Deeds starring Adam Sandler was filming in New Milford at the time and Omelette and I knew that Sandler was a rock & roll fan, so we kept inviting him to stop by before he had to be on the set.

During our last segment, a black Ford Suburban pulls up in front of the Bank Street Coffee House and out comes Adam Sandler as he makes his way into the coffee house to join us on the show. That is a moment I will never forget.

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