analyzed Google analytics to find the most popular musical artists in Americ and in the process they found Connecticut's favorites.

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As for the national spotlight, Taylor Swift reigns supreme at the #1 overall spot. Here are the Top  in the U.S.:

1. Taylor Swift

2. Luke Combs

3. Morgan Wallen

Here are Connecticut's favorites from 10-1.

Google Analytics Spotlight: CT's 10 Most Searched Musicians, Can You Guess #1? studied Google analytics to determine the most popular musical artists in the country, in the process they were able to find the most popular in each state. These are the 10 Most popular musicians in the State of Connecticut from 10-1.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

The rest of America's Top 5:

4. Drake

5. Beyonce

I have no problem with rap or pop music but It pains me to see that Rock n' Roll no longer has a seat at the table. The fact that there is not one position in the Top 10 for rock is upsetting. If there was ever a time for a rock genius to cement their legacy and save the genre, now is that time. Can someone please stand up and take charge?

I remember Neil Young explaining what it was like when Kurt Cobain emerged onto the rock music scene. In so many words Young said Cobain and Nirvana cleared the deck, rock was starting anew and that it was necessary at that time. As things stand now, there is no deck to clear, if the right band came along now they would have the music world in the palm of their hand.

This is the methodology used by

"The average monthly Google Trends data was gathered for the most popular musical artists in America on a state-by-state basis, in order to reveal the favorite artists in each state."

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Breaking Down the Law: 7 Unexpected Activities Prohibited in Connecticut

Connecticut has a national reputation for being stuffy and you may think that extends to our laws but after compiling this list I'm pretty sure we are getting some things right. This is a list of some of the oddest things it's illegal to do in the Nutmeg State. 

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In my time with the station I've only been to the broadcast tower site a handful of times. My last trip up there made me think that everyone should get to see this. This is my virtual tour of the tower site from the ground. As you read this I want you to keep in mind that it takes all of these components to create 50,000 watts, one of the strongest signals in Connecticut.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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