It started so simple, a Reddit post about highway driving in CT.

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The Reddit post came from u/mdnitedrftr who wrote "Just a friendly PSA: If your speed starts with a 6x, get out of the fast lane." The thread comments to follow were predictable and in-line with past debates, like it.

do_not_pm_your_t------ said:

"Another PSA. There’s no “fast lane” in Connecticut."

mdnitedrftr responded:

"It's a modern day colloquialism. It's also known as the hammer lane."

JFDreddit jumped in:

"It's the passing lane, not the fast lane. If the middle lane is going 55mph then I'm going to drive 65 to pass. If you get on my tail I'm keeping it at 65. Try to pass me on the right and I'm speeding up. You can go fu---yourself."

Allinorfold34 said: 

"Dangerous unnecessary behavior. Someone wants to speed just move over and let ‘em go. Maybe they’ll be a trooper down the road and maybe There won’t."

Obnition wrote:

"Ah yes, speeding up and slowing down to mess with faster traffic, what a safe and logical idea."


"Or just let them pass and move on. The road isn't the place for games. Grow up."

midnitedrftr remarked:

"So you'll speed up to try to block someone from passing you instead of just moving over? That just makes you an ass----. It's that self righteous, king of the road attitude that actually impedes traffic and makes it worse for everyone else. It's not your job to regulate the speed of everyone on the highway. If you have an open road in front of you and a line of cars behind you, take the hint."

Department_no6021 said:

"I’ve heard stories where someone was tying to get to an emergency and stupid f---- like you blocked them and they couldn’t get there on time."

pittieDaddy said:

"Fyi, failure to yield to passing traffic in the left lane will get you a ticket.

Right out of our driving manual.

The left-most lane is intended for passing slower vehicles. If you pass on the right, the other driver may have difficulty seeing you and might suddenly change lanes in front of you. When your direction of travel is less than three lanes, Connecticut law requires you to drive in the right lane, except when passing."

That escalated, and it always does. There are few Connecticut discussions that ignite so much rage, and I can understand why. Personally, I can't stand the person who intentionally rides the left-lane attempting to regulate the speed and flow of traffic.

You can see them, you know what they are doing, they've decided people are driving too fast and they are going full-vigilante, attempting to dictate the speed by blocking the left lane with the cruise control set at 65 mph. MOVE OVER! You're not the boss, boss.

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