Paranormal investigators claim they've discovered unexplained phenomena in Derby.

Back on February 19, I wrote a blog about ghost hunters spending the night at the supposedly haunted Twisted Vine Restaurant in downtown Derby. According to an article on the website,, paranormal investigator, Nick Grossman and his team from Ghost Storm came upon a 19th century banker. Back in those days, the building at 285 Main St. housed the Olde Birmingham Bank.

According to Grossman, the spirits that hang out at the Twisted Vine really enjoy their home at the Twisted Vine. Word has it that the penne ala vodka is to die for! Grossman's crew including Twisted Vine owner, Michael Picone were armed with digital and night vision cameras and conducted their paranormal search between 10:30 pm and 4 am.

Grossman told the Connecticut Post that he had the bartender communicating with a spirit they named, 'Sam the Spirit' by using the lightbulb over the bar. He also asked 'Sam' if he wanted to play a drinking game and to respond by turning his flashlight. Over a 15 minute time period, Grossman claimed that his flashlight turned a full 360 degrees, TWICE!

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