Yoenis Cespedes has not played baseball for the New York Mets for a long time. Yoenis will continue to elude the baseball diamond for even longer after breaking his ankle on his Florida ranch (Florida, you say?). GM Brody Van Wagenen shared a message to the media, on Cespedes's behalf yesterday, saying:

“He stepped in a hole and twisted his leg and foot into a difficult position.”

Van Wagenen added that it had nothing to do with Cespedes falling off his horse. He probably added that because he was asked about the horse. Yoenis and his horse are kinda of a big joke in N.Y. because he once rode his horse into training camp.

Yoenis is also known for his love of exotic cars.

Yoenis is also famously a cigarette smoker. Cespedes' likes, hobbies, interests and vices are well known with New York baseball fans. What he is not well known for is playing baseball for the New York Mets. He hasn't played baseball for them in a long time and he will not play baseball for a long time.

The Mets have had some insurance relief on his contract. They will likely get more insurance help from this injury, seeing as it had nothing to do with baseball. It does not change the fact that they will be paying him at least some,of a lot of money, to continue doing nothing.

Whoever pays the contract, an insurance company, the Mets, both, Yoenis will make $29 million this year & $29.5 million next year. Not bad work if you can get it, hell, I'd stick my ankle between two rocks and twist.



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