I grew up in a grocery store. My father was the manager of a small-town grocery store in the southeast corner of a state, one many of you have flown over yet have never been to, Kansas. The Wheat State, the starting point on Judy’s journey to the Land of Oz, or “AHs”, citing an 80s advertising campaign the state implemented embracing the Wizard of Oz reference, and, of course, the home of my beloved Kansas Jayhawks.

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But, we will talk about my love affair with basketball and all of its nuances and intricacies another time. Right now, I am focused on one thing, and one thing only - a trip to Stew Leonard’s. You may ask yourself, why a trip to Stew’s? Forgive me if I overstepped my bounds, may I call it that? Stew’s? This is just one question I have among many others that I hope will be answered when I make my way into the hallowed halls of Mr. Leonard’s. I mentioned that my father was a manager of a small grocery store and I loved every minute of it as a kid growing up running up and down the aisles, terrorizing (in a playful way) the patrons of “Foodtown”.

Everything here is new to me. I mean, you’re always going to have the normal-run-of-the-mill-generic fast food places and big box stores that you see everywhere across the country, but Stew Leonard’s is different, much different. When I mentioned that I had never been to Stew Leonard’s to one of my esteemed colleagues, she literally leaped from the office chair and proceeded to drag me around the building telling everyone that I had never been there. So, that, in a nutshell, is why I am going to Stew Leonard’s, and also, I need some steaks and I hear, like a lot of things, they have good ones.

So before I go, what do I need to know? I think I need to create a mini “Survival Guide to Stew Leonard’s.” Hit me up with suggestions, hints, tips, tricks, anything I truly need to know before I step inside the “Mecca” of Supermarkets. Comment down below or shoot me a message on our mobile app. Stay tuned for the countdown for my trip to Stew Leonard’s.

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