I'm going to bake a cake. That's what 30 yr. old Jethro Geneus told Port St. Lucie Police before he was arrested on New Year's Eve according to The Smoking Gun. Police say they pulled over two men around 3 am on New Year's Eve because one of them (Jethro Geneus) had an outstanding warrant.

After a search of the car, authorities claim they uncovered two large bags in a backpack. They said one of the bags contained a white powder and the other a brown powder.

After the cops asked Geneus what was inside, he said one was sugar and the other on was cornstarch, remarking that they were ingredients to bake a cake. That's quick (alleged) druggy thinking right there.

The cops were not buying the whole cake thing, field tested the material and they came up positive as ecstasy. They arrested the man and at the police station, he reportedly dropped a bag of meth, that he did not have a baking story for.

Jethro Geneus is facing several drug charges and was hit with a $47,500. Authorities say this is not his first bake-off. Geneus has a rap sheet that includes convictions for marijuana possession, burglary, providing a false name to police, resisting, and possession of drug paraphernalia

A cake made of meth and ecstasy will get you twisted like a Auntie Anne's pretzel my friend. I do not recommend baking cakes with these ingredients. Chef does not recommend. However, I have heard edibles and cookies are a match made in heaven.

Meth is a hell of a drug and Florida is one hell of a state. Who needs baked goods when you can meth your face off (allegedly)? Florida you say?

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