I didn't know you could arrest a goat but apparently that is another thing they do in Florida.

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According to UPI, The Tallahassee Police Department had a tough time with a fugitive who lacks understanding of the laws, a goat. Bodycam footage captured the whole thing, and it was not pretty.

Not only did the police struggle with the goat, at least one of them admitted they were scared. One of the officers exclaimed "I'm terrified." She continued saying "what am I supposed to tackle a goat, are you crazy? The thing's got pointy things, I'm from New Jersey, we don't see goats. What do you want me to do when he comes running at me?"

The Tallahassee PD shared the video on their Youtube on April 20, 2022, complete with the theme music from the "Cops" TV show.

First of all, there are plenty of goats in New Jersey but that is neither here nor there. The important thing is that they captured and arrested the goat for daring to run around near an apartment complex.

Let me be the argumentative a-hole for a change and ask why the goat needs to be removed? What danger does this pose to the people of the apartment complex? The answer is no danger.

For those who've never been in a company of a goat before, let me tell you, they are awesome. I highly recommend talking to a goat, I've done a lot of this. My uncle used to have a bunch of goats, and I'd go up to them and do my best goat impression and they would respond to it. They look at you, like they are worried, they start looking at each other and they begin to argue you with you in goat language.

Smoke weed before doing this and you'll have the best afternoon of your life, a lot of laughs.

P.S. Florida you say?

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