Good for you Oakville/Watertown. Finally, after decades of squeezing into crowded gas stations on postage stamp-sized properties along Main Street/63/73, a conveniently located multiple gas pump/convenience store is rising up from the Earth.

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Within spitting distance of Theraplant, Uncommon Grill, and the man who saved most of my family's toes from diabetes, Dr. McHugh, the yellow Borghesi Building Construction signs are surrounding a big new gas station/convenience store on the little strip of land between the Echo Lake Roads in Water/Oak.

Finally, Oakville residents won't have to travel down the hill to the Gulf on Rt 6, into Waterbury past the ghost of the old Cumby, or to the dreaded Main street gas stations near Burger King and Shakers. Oakville truly is a desert of gas stations, there's nothing along all of Buckingham Street, and no offense to Oakville Wine & Liquors and Checkers, but you can see why the Dollar General is always busy.

I think the new gas station is one of the last missing pieces for Oakville/Watertown, there undoubtedly is something for everyone. Who else in our area has a piano bar, a seafood distributor, the state's largest distributor of cannabis, itty bitty cookies and hardcore sweets, Connecticut's premiere Tattoo shops, an incredible winery and vineyard, O-Joe's, and Gayle's Farm Shop? Not Naugatuck.

Wait, I was wrong, there is one more missing piece to the puzzle of a perfect Water/Oak:


I have been staying tuned, every time I've picked up my precious crispy shrimp Pad Thai.

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