Conformity of any kind pains me emotionally and sometimes physically. I'm not trying to sound like a "tough guy" but I don't like taking the same journey as everyone else. In fact, I even get angry with myself when I like something that a lot of other people do.

I carry this personal rebellion into my approach to language, why say something the way it's said when I can get the same point across with some extra style points? I've always jazzed words up or made up new ones but this can be a bit confusing to your radio audience, after-all they are not in my head and sometimes I need to slow things down and provide a little explanation.

This is not the first Milano Dictionary but it is the latest.

The saddest part about having your own language that is constantly evolving with the times is how much of it you can forget. I've lost more made up words than I can count. Some found the trash pile because they were dated, others because they were offensive and even more of them I just can't remember because I like to "Porty" (party).

If you can remember some of the words that I've made up and do not recall please help me out. Send me what you know, the language gifts I have bequeathed to your face that have altered the way you live. If you have a word or phrase you have made up or punched up, you can share that too. I'll probably hate it but give it a shot.

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