This exhibit became so popular it got it's own tour. Now it's back and you and your kids are going to love it.

Who doesn't want to keep their child healthy? Who doesn't want to give them the tools to enable them to keep themselves healthy? Who doesn't want to entertain their rug rats with fun and entertainment?

Its' back!

Stepping Stones museum, located at Matthews Park, 303 West Avenue in Norwalk has announced that their extremely popular Healthyville is back. It will start it's run on Saturday Jan. 28 thru Sept. 4

In case you don't know what Healthyville is here's the overview. It's a village of sorts that has been designed to give your children and you all sorts of tips for healthy living in a fun and interactive exhibit.

To make it even easier for parents and caregivers and teachers that are bringing kids to explore all the activities they have the exhibits broken down by age groups to make it easy to follow. Stepping Stones museum's Healthyville has interactive fun from birth to 12 months, 13 to 36 months, then 3 to 5 years old, 5 to 6, and finally 7 years to older. 

Not only will Healthyville be fun for your kids it will also work towards laying the groundwork for a healthier lifestyle. I see that as a win for parents, caregivers, teachers, and ultimately I have to think your wallet.

Besides the return of this exhibit, Stepping Stones has a lot of other things to offer. Go to

A happy health kid is right around the corner.

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