The employees over at Naples Pizza, 838 Farmington Ave. Farmington, CT, might be running a shop with only 50 percent maximum capacity, but their hearts are 110 percent ready to serve those who serve others, too.

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Naples Pizza owner Kurt Kruczek was struck with inspiration when he found out his friend, who is also in the restaurant industry, was delivering pizzas to his local hospital, Fox News reports.

Kurt thought it would be a great idea to do the same. And now, in the midst of this coronavirus crisis, Kurt is a people-first, pizza second kind of owner, bringing pizza to the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to fight the disease at his local hospital.

In his efforts to give back to his community, Fox News quoted Kurt imploring other restaurants, including the customers, to do the same: "And, I thought, what a great way to contribute to what's happening right now and maybe make it a little bigger and invite other restaurants to do the same."

Kruczek plans to deliver to the hospital for lunch and dinner at least once a week. With his restaurant only at 50 percent capacity, Kurt also believes this is a good way to keep his employees occupied as best he can.

Fox also quoted Kruczek saying that it could go a long way if people order food or even buy restaurant gift cards to give to their local hospital or police station staff.

And with all the panic circulating as fast as the virus nowadays, it's hard to disagree with the logic of food calming the nerves.

Naples Pizza should be commended for their service. I've never eaten there before, but their website makes me want to sink my teeth into their delicious menu. Go check them out, don't touch your face, and remember, not all heroes like Kurt wear capes.

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