The last two Farmers' Almanacs in America are celebrating anniversaries this year. The Maine almanac turns 200, while the New Hampshire version is in its 225th year. 

That's not all they have in common, both are calling for bitter cold temperatures and heavy snowfall this winter. An article in the News Times quoted the managing editor of the Maine Almanac, Sandi Duncan, as saying:

We're calling it the return of the old-fashioned winter. The ice cold winter is back.

The two almanacs have had some explaining to do after falling flat on last year's prediction. Both called for a harsh winter, but said El Niño made for warmer winter than expected. This year, according to the NewsTimes, they say there is no El Niño interruptions that will mess with their predictions.

Why do I tell you this terrible news? Simple. Preparation, baby! You and I now have the info we need to beat our neighbors and friends to the punch. We can fortify our homes now. We can stock up on all the milk and Wonder Bread you could imagine. It's all right in front of us, right now. My suggestion is to order multiple pallets of milk and bread starting now. I know I will. I am also in the process of building me a bunker for my family and I to live in. I have created custom made suits of iron so any debris will bounce right off of us like Iron Man. You can never be too prepared, and I plan on being more prepared than too prepared. I suggest you do the same starting now. Hunker down, people!


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