When was the last time that you ate at a Boston Market? We ate at the one in Newington 6 months ago, but I had no idea that was the last time I would eat Boston Market in Connecticut ever.

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All of our local tv stations led the 6PM news broadcasts last night with the sad news that all remaining Connecticut Boston Market fast food restaurants are no more after being served eviction notices for failure to pay their bills. I did notice a few weeks ago that the Bristol Boston Market along Rt. 6 was empty, even though it was midday on a Saturday. It seems that Boston Market has slowly been fading away over the past few months nationally, a quick search of Boston Market brings up a slew of other "Boston Market shut down due to unpaid rent' stories from New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania, and many more.

According to nrn.com, Boston Market was sold in 2020, and has struggled to reinvent itself since. The company's headquarters in Denver, Colorado was also recently seized by local authorities, and it's gotten bad enough that some locations have been abandoned by the remaining employees. In July 2023, food supplier US Foods sued Boston market for non-payment to the tune of $11.3 million dollars.

Photo by Sarah
Photo by Sarah

My wife had an interesting take as to why Boston Market failed - It's the proliferation of roasters at your local supermarket. Boston Market and Kenny Rogers lured us in during the 80's-2010, and now you can get a perfect roaster at Caraluzzi's for a fraction of what it cost in a fast food restaurant.

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