It's simple, some of us just don't like being dumped, so we take action.

Kathryn Mahoney from Nashua, New Hampshire, and a student at Fairfield University, allegedly lost her temper when police say her boyfriend suggested they break up, according to an article in the Fairfield Citizen.

Mahoney reportedly became so furious, that she allegedly punched him in the nose, which caused bleeding and a swollen schnozz. After the alleged attack by Mahoney, the boyfriend then drove himself to St. Vincent's Hospital for treatment.

According to the victim, he told police she popped him in the stomach first and then balled up her fist and blasted him in the nose. Yes, he pressed charges, and Mahoney was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

I'm not judging here, but aren't there more productive ways to go about handling this type of situation rather than using a full-frontal attack? Unless, of course, you find it extremely satisfying punching another human being. You could use your words. Just trying to be helpful here.

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