It's called "dry scooping" and it's Tik Tok's new challenge that has the potential to land you in the hospital.

The challenge is to ingest pre-workout powder without any liquid, according to a news report on WFSB 3. So why is it bad for you? An article on the website tells a true story of a young woman who tried dry scooping before her workout and ended up having a heart attack, but luckily, she recovered.

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The pre-workout supplement is supposed to give you that extra hit of energy to get you ready for your workout. Every website I sourced to find out if "dry scooping" was recommended for pre-workouts told me dry scooping was NOT a good idea and here's why. For example, Dr. Kathryn Boling at Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center told that pouring a dry scoop of workout powder down your throat could "very easily become a choking risk."

She went on to say that the biggest potential issue is a huge hit of concentrated caffeine and "mainlining a ton of caffeine is not good for your heart." So the bottom line she says is, "Just skip it and don't do this."

An article on reminds readers that pre-workout powders are not regulated by the FDA which means there are no studies measuring side-effects and long-term health concerns.

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