Gilbert Levin worked on the Viking missions in the '70s and says evidence of life on Mars was found back then.

According to Fox News, Levin revealed in an op-ed piece that the Labeled Release (LR) returned findings on July 30, 1976 that supported microbial life. Levin has been critical of NASA for not following up the results.

NASA is not just a science agency, but an agency with a treasure trove of secrets. I know they know something about alien life and they will not budge on releasing this information. There are countless stories from former astronauts who've seen the unexplained while in space and NASA does their best to keep these men and women from talking.

The truth cannot hide for much longer. The whole world is watching and the day will come when the right person comes forward with information that will change the world forever. When that day comes, I will rock my tin foil hat and go on an "I told you so" tour.

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