Ethan and Lou braved the conditions this morning and made it to work.

Yeah, they made it through the thunder snow and the state wide travel ban to make it into the the i95 studios, not only because they're insane, but because you, the great i95 fanbase, drives them to achieve the impossible.

But, because they can't afford the $92 fine and the fact that they'll take any opportunity to get themselves into a Bert & Ernie type of situation, our heroes are spending the night at the Newbury Inn in Brookfield, which is two doors down from the station, right next to the Golden Leaf. So, after they risked their lives to deliver the hilarious yet informative and rockin' show you deserve, Ethan and Lou had to make their way to the Newbury Inn, which proved to be extremely difficult in the midst of Storm Stella's Wrath.

They got the car stuck on the way, and here's how it all turned out:


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