WARNING: Some of the following images, themes and subject matter are NSFW and may be considered offensive. 


Metaphysical Meagan went viral back in November of last year, setting the internet ablaze touting the health benefits of butt hole tanning.

Naturally, we covered this on the Ethan and Lou Show at that time, then about a week ago, I posted about her on Instagram, wondering where she went. In short order, I got a direct message. That message was from Meagan herself who said, "I haven't gone anywhere."

I asked Meagan if she would join us on the Ethan and Lou Show and she gladly accepted the invitation. This morning, (January 31) we caught up with Meagan to ask her about her odd daily ritual. Here's how that conversation went:

Do I think tanning your butt hole makes you feel better? Sure don't, but it's not my butt hole, it's Meagan's, and if she is feeling better because of it, who are we tell her not to tan it?

I will give her a huge heap of credit for enduring social media in the time since stating her butt hole opinion. I know from doing my job what a strong or odd opinion can get from social in terms of reaction. Most people don't have the figurative stones to say weird or bold things and endure the reactionary storm.

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She mentioned that creeps were asking her for pics of her but hole. I know, also from my experiences, that it got a lot weirder than that. People will take your opinion or out-of-the-box statement and attach it to subject matter that has nothing to do with it. Good for you, Meagan. You tan that butt hole and your hippie best, I stand with Meagan.

Who's to say? One day, we may all read in a medical journal that butt hole tanning can extend your lifespan. Probably not, but anything is possible. If that happens, Meagan's going to come off looking like the boss of butt hole science.

WARNING: These photos may offend you and are likely not safe for work if you don't work at a rock 'n' roll radio station:


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