Let's face it, school has been a challenge since the start of the pandemic, but there's one school Superintendent who has taken the fun way to let students know what's going on with classes.

Big snow storms like the one we had earlier this week always meant schools would be closed and everyone would be able to enjoy a snow day. Now that classes have gone online since the start of the pandemic, it's not necessarily always the case. Late last year, we actually took a look at the possibility of the snow day becoming a thing of the past. You can check out that story right HERE.

This is where Easton/Redding's Superintendent Rydell Harrison comes in. He got very creative earlier this week announcing the district's first traditional snow day of the year.

For a while, the towns were fully remote. Now they are back to in-person learning, so Monday's big snow was the perfect time to do something a little outside of the box when it came to announcing to the area that there would actually be a snow day.

According to fox61.com, the video took close to 13 hours between filming and editing the song parody of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling", and yes, Rydell did get some technical help from his son. Here's what he had to say to Fox 61 about the experience:

He’s often the cameraman or he’ll join in the fun with me so it’s a kind of a cool bonding time for us. I worked on it on Sunday, and we sent out a traditional school is closed tomorrow message on Sunday then I finished it probably at one in the morning and got up and sent it out. My hope was to have some fun to spark some inspiration, just a reminder that every instructional minute counts but when I think about my education growing up and all the many lessons that I learned I remember the fun of snow days.

Apparently Harrison achieved his goal because as of today, the video has been viewed more then 100,000 times.

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