The Town of Warren, Connecticut posted an incredible Community Legacy Announcement on their website on April 5, 2023. In it, the announcement states that due to an extremely generous donation from it's owner, Arethusa Farm will live on forever in Litchfield.

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What's even better than that Europa fans? Part of this donation will ensure that there will be generations of the forthcoming Regional School District 20 students learning and absorbing the love and skills that Arethusa has honed into World-Class dairy products.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Here's the gist of the Community Legacy Announcement - After months of negotiations with a group of area residents, Arethusa Farm owner Tony Yurgaitis has decided to donate the Arethusa Farm property on Webster Road in Litchfield to a newly-formed Connecticut Non-Profit Corporation that will be dubbed the Arethusa Farm Foundation.

The purpose of this Foundation is to make Arethusa Farm permanently available to Agriscience program students of Litchfield, Region 6, and the forthcoming Region 20. The Foundation will pass along Arethusa's knowledge and expertise in sustainability, agriculture, and animal welfare. In fact, this is already happening, Yurgaitis has granted Region 6 use of his fields and barns as Arethusa Farm Foundation awaits the results of the application for it's tax-exempt status.

This is wonderful news, such a huge dose of positivity.

I'm thrilled that Arethusa Farm will continue it's dominance of the dairy world, recently leaving Wisconsin in tears with Europa being crowned as the best cheese in the United States. I can't wait to see what comes out of Mr. Yurgaitis's generosity.

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