Are you getting to the point where you don't even bother answering phone calls? According to my 'Recents', I let 47 go straight to voicemail over the past two days. I noticed that quite a few of these came from the same area codes. I did some digging and found that there are 5 area codes in particular that you should never answer in the 203 and 860.

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I thought that telemarketing was going away for good in the early 2000's, but it's apparently thriving. Most of my unanswered calls never leave voicemails, but when they do, it's thankfully not those 'Extended Warranty' dolts anymore. Lately, it's from cable companies desperately trying to woo me back into the fold, or a garbage financial offer.

According to a recent article on, there are five area codes in particular that you should never answer. For the most part, all five originate from locations outside of the United States, throughout the Caribbean. I've received multiple phone calls from two out of the five that are listed. The first area code that I see over and over again is from (473). According to the article, area code (473) is known to be used by scammers in various types of fraud, and is associated with Carriacou, an island off the coast of Grenada, and Grenada itself.

The other most common area code that I see in my unanswered calls is (876), which has been known to be used by scammers to commit fraud utilizing lottery-winning scams, work-at-home scams, and more. Area code (876) is associated with Jamaica.

Another area code to avoid originates from Antigua and Barbuda, it's (268). Scammers have also been using area code (649), which has been associated to Turks and Caicos, and area code (284) which has been associated with the British Virgin Islands.

It's sad that we've allowed it to get to the point where none of us answer our phones immediately.

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