We know most of you got your government economic stimulus checks, but we also know that it's probably not enough. That's why we're trying to do our part to make your life a little easier.

That's why every weekday we give you three chances to pick up $1000 with our i95 Social Distance Dollars.

Congratulations to Donna Carrea of Wappingers Falls, who was one of our latest local winners, and got herself a little extra economic stimulus.

All you need to do is be listening for the special code words at 8:20 AM, 12:20 PM, and 5:20 PM. Once you know the code word, take it to our website, or your i95 Rock mobile app, and enter the word into the correct multiplier for that day and time.

Remember, each time we play, it's worth $1000. The more code words you enter, the better your chances of winning. Plus all those who enter are also in the running for a special bonus chance at $10,000.

It'll come in handy to pay some bills, buy something nice for yourself, take a trip when this lock down is over, or spend it anyway you'd like.

Our Social Distance Dollars is powered by Meadowland of Carmel, and i95 Rock.

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