Do you ever drive by the first place you ever worked? Is it still the same? Does your old job even exist? You are lucky.

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I started working when I was 16 years old. I got hired at Record Town, 939 Wolcott Street in Waterbury in 1985. Record Town disappeared from everywhere in the 90's, but 939 Wolcott Street in Waterbury still stands. Now, in 2024, 939 Wolcott Street is America's Best, a glasses and contacts retailer. There's been some excitement in that plaza too, the new Stop & Shop just opened where the Shop Rite used to be.

In 1985, Record Town was the first business in that brand new building. We were direct competitors to the Musicland in center court of the Naugatuck Valley Mall. Edwards, Toys R Us, Service Merchandise, G. Fox, East-West, Chess King and Caldor was where we shopped, and Pie Plate, Espresso, Betsy Ross, and Roy Rogers was where we ate.


For some of the 90's into the 2000's, 939 Wolcott Street was a Casual Male XL. I used to get such a wave of nostalgia walking through those doors. God, I could just sense the Roy Rogers pickle bar, it was so close. After Casual Male disappeared in the early 2010's, the building was briefly transformed into a Denny's.


I went in once, and the food was awful. I wasn't surprised when it went away rather quickly.

Record store employee, that's a rarity in Connecticut in 2024. Thank God for the select few that have endured the incredible changes. Count yourself lucky if you can still visit the first place you ever worked.

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