Governor Lamont is not budging on his stance to keep Connecticut open even after Hartford City Council members and several doctors ask him to shut the state down once again due to the alarming increases in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. From an article in the Hartford Courant, here is what Lamont said about shutting down the state again,

We don't have to do everything by mandate. In many cases, people tend to do what they feel comfortable with, and that's what keeps them safe.

What does that even mean? Here are the facts, thanks to NBC CT. Some Connecticut hospitals are just a couple of weeks away from full capacity, and COVID patients are spilling out of the ICU.

Dr. Luke Davis is an attending physician at Yale-New Haven Hospital. A group of 35 doctors and nurses from Yale School of Medicine sent a letter to Gov. Ned Lamont's office encouraging him to shut the state down and backed the suggestion with medical facts.

In that letter, Davis stated that indoor dining and gyms are MAJOR sources for the spread of COVID-19. Many of the COVID patients are experiencing longer hospital stays. Dr. Davis also mentioned that surgeries for other medical issues are being placed on hold with hospitals almost at max capacity.

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Shutting down CT business again will prove devastating to many, especially restaurants and gyms. Max Reiss, the Governor's spokesperson, told NBC CT,

Our state continues to have some of the most restrictions in the country. The governor has made it clear he is prepared to take additional steps to protect Connecticut residents.

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