If you're flying down I-684 going 80mph trying to eat a messy breakfast sandwich I can understand why you might be pulled over for distracted driving.

According to Southeast Patch, New York State Troopers recently conducted a six hour distracted driving detail on I-684 where they nailed 55 drivers. I can certainly understand if you're driving 15mph over the speed limit, a distracted driver could surely cause a horrible accident, but giving out tickets for distracted walking?

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If Fox61 reported that the city of Stamford has proposed a 'distractive walking' fine for using an electronic device while crossing the street. If the proposal is passed, it will make it illegal to text or talk on a mobile device or even wear headphones that are attached to the device. If passed, Stamford will be one of the first cities in the country to adopt a distracted pedestrians law. You think this is a stupid rule? This video proves it is not.


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