Ronnie James Dio's hologram made its U.S. debut during the annual Pollstar Awards last night in Los Angeles. Check out the performance of "We Rock" with Dio Disciples in the above video.

The hologram, created by EyeIllusion, first took the stage last summer at the Wacken festival in Germany. Dio Disciples will hit theaters and festivals around the world with this new technology starting later this year. Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of EyeIllusion, has said the concerts will showcase various eras of the legendary metal singer’s career.

What fans won't see is another identical presentation of the opening cut from 1984's The Last in Line. “We were thrilled to give this audience just a taste of the experience that we will start to tour globally later this year,” Pezzuti says in a press release. “This ‘We Rock’ performance is now being retired, and production is underway on a full show. We are pulling out all the stops to create a live experience that is unlike anything Ronnie’s fans have seen before.”

A panel discussion led by Pezzuti focused on this new technology as part of the Pollstar Live! conference program. Dio's widow, Wendy, who has given the hologram her blessing, took part.

Dio Disciples features of group of former collaborators, including guitarist Craig Goldy, drummer Simon Wright, bassist Bjorn Englen and keyboardist Scott Warren. Goldy had several different stints in Dio between 1986-2010. Wright, like Goldy, was part of the final incarnation of the band. Warren was in Dio from 1993–2010.

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