According to the Daily Mail, a Disney executive has confirmed the rumors, Johnny Depp has been dropped as "Jack Sparrow" in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Johnny Depp has been a focal point of celebrity rumor websites over the last few years with talk of financial issues and substance issues.

The writing team behind Deadpool is being mentioned a lot to help revitalize and reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Yes, they plan on making more of these movies. Who will play "Jack Sparrow?" Who the hell knows but I don't really care, I'm done with these movies.

Like most people, I liked the first one a lot. The second one was pretty good and I think the third was as good as the first. After that, I had pirate fatigue. I'm all set with pirates and pirate movies.

These movies were SO HUGE that some people never moved on. There are even festivals where people can go and BE pirates all year round. I mean, this franchise has grossed $5 billion internationally. People got caught up in this thing and took it too far. Here's one that immediately comes to mind:

What does trying to BE a pirate do to your life? I don't even want to consider it, it can't be easy. You have people telling you all the time, "you are not a pirate," and you hang in there and INSIST you are, when you clearly are not.

I can write STOP. MAKING. THESE. MOVIES. It would be a waste, Disney is a dog with a bone and people love pretending to BE things. All it takes is to announce that Zac Effron is the new Jack Sparrow and this thing is back. There will be pirates every which way we look.




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