According to the NY Post, 39-year-old Kima Hamilton was removed from a Delta flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee. According to the report, Hamilton got up to pee during a two-hour flight delay on the tarmac, and that is when authorities moved in. This is video of the first attempt to remove the passenger.

Eventually, they got him off the plane. Let me tell you what, if I have to pee, I am getting up. This on the heels of the Dr. David Dao debacle on a United flight weeks ago, and the mysterious death of a giant rabbit on a United flight on April 19, according to CNN.

Now is the time for one of these billionaires with some down-field vision to jump in and start an airline that gives a crap about its passengers. People will pay more for a flight where they are treated like human beings. No one wants to spend the ridiculous money we all spend on air travel and be treated the way we all get treated. If you knew your airline would not bump you from a paid flight to fit their employees, or kill your rabbit, or kick you off the plane for peeing, you would pay more. No question about that.

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