Travelalot set out to find the most treacherous roads in America.

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In a comprehensive effort, they selected one road from all 50 states. In New York it was Interstate 87, in Massachusetts it was I-495 and New Jersey's was US-130. What was the king of danger in the Nutmeg State?

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If you live here it will come as no surprise that I-95 was the winner, or loser in this case.

Travel A Lot says:

"Interstate 95, just as with those in Rhode Island, is also a dangerous path for the people of Connecticut – if not more so. On the Connecticut stretch, there is an average of 16.4 deaths annually. Out of 147 crashes in 10 years, there were 164 fatalities. The route runs along the southern border of the state."

This report is one of many that says I-95 is an unmitigated disaster. In 2022, I shared the news that I-95 was rated the most dangerous road in America according to a study from Zebra.

I understand I-95 is horrific but I think that tends to get I-84 off the hook and it should not be. I travel I-84 everyday and I feel like I'm playing in the death Lotto. There are people speeding, making wreckless lane-changes and tempting fate around every corner. We can all agree I-95 is the worst but let's also shine some light onto the hellscape that is Interstate 84.

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