Last month, we introduced you to Pierce, the creative force and new Master Barber behind the chair at Dawn's Pizzazz. He brings a certain artistic talent to the world of men's grooming and is making DPZ on West his playground for perfecting his craft.

But what exactly is the story behind the man who's elevating men's grooming in our area? Although Pierce does not remember his newborn days sitting in a baby carrier at the salon, he does remember running around in his striped pajamas yelling, "HELLLOOOO LADIES" and bossing everybody around as his grandmother chased him about.

Despite Pierce's family roots in the industry — his mother, Dawn Blom, is the Master Artist and owner of Dawn's Pizzazz, and his aunt and cousins are all cosmetologists — he did not predict that his career would follow suit.

In fact, before becoming a barber, Pierce was working on acquiring his electrical license. During that time, however, he learned how to use a hair clipper and before he knew it, his whole's life trajectory changed.

We sat down with Pierce to learn a little more about him:

i95 ROCK: When did you first start barbering?

I first started barbering around the beginning of January 2019.

Pierce: How long have you been at Dawn's Pizzazz? What brought you there?

I've been at Dawn's Pizzazz for a few months now. The drive to be more brought me to DPZ.

How do you build a personal relationship with your clients?

By being honest and respectful. But when they're in my chair, it's their time to relax and feel great about themselves.

What separates you from other barbers in the area?

What separates me from other barbers is the fact that I see someone's head as a canvas whereas others see it as money in their pocket.

Which types of styles/cuts are "in" right now?

In my opinion, I think the longer hairstyles are starting to come back around such as mullets and men's classics. I personally love it.

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