David Crosby has agreed to a hefty settlement with the jogger he hit with his car in March 2015.

Cal Coast News reports that Crosby will pay out $3 million as a result of the accident — $2,950,000 to Jose Luquin, who was struck with Crosby's Tesla, and $50,000 to Luquin's son, who was with him when he was hit. According to the paper, the two men heard Crosby's car approach while jogging, and the elder Luquin dropped back to leave more room for the vehicle to pass, but after he was struck, he landed in front of his son with "a broken leg, a broken arm, a broken shoulder, broken ribs and a damaged kidney."

The Luquins subsequently filed suit against Crosby, alleging that he was intoxicated when he hit Jose. Although an officer at the scene "determined alcohol was not a factor and there was no further investigation into alcohol or drug use,” according to California Highway Patrol spokesman J. Ortega, attorney James McKiernan — whose previous celebrity trials include cases involving Mel Gibson, Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson — insisted they were "informed and believed" Crosby lied to the police.

"As a direct and proximate result of defendant’s compromised and debilitated physical and mental condition due to ingesting alcohol and/or prescription drugs and/or non-prescription drugs and/or other intoxicants and or hallucinogens," reads a court filing from McKiernan, "the defendant maliciously and oppressively operated his motor vehicle in a fashion that caused injury to the plaintiffs."

With the lawsuit behind him, Crosby is free to focus on what promises to be a busy stretch of solo work. As previously reported, he plans to release a pair of albums this year — one produced by Snarky Puppy member Michael League, and another taking his sound in an unspecified direction.

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