The Texas Roadhouse restaurant is beginning to take shape on Danbury Newtown Road in Danbury and people are getting pumped!

My sister-in-law tells me that the Texas Roadhouse has the best prime rib she has ever had. Danbury's new Texas Roadhouse will be next to the Super Stop N' Shop and across the street from the Berkshire Shopping Center. They're known for their hand-cut steaks, ribs, country dinners, and their fried chicken. Check out their menu selections by clicking here.

When I navigated to their Facebook page, I began reading the article that someone posted from the Danbury Daily Voice and was disappointed to find so many negative comments directed at the Roadhouse. It's not a health food restaurant people! If you don't like the menu selections, eat somewhere else. You're allowed to throw your peanut shells on the floor. If it's too messy for you, find somewhere else to eat. The servers will occasionally break into a line dancing routine. That's what the Roadhouse is all about. If the line dancing bothers you, don't go there. It's that simple! There are many restaurants to choose from in the Danbury area. Here's a quick video of Texas Roadhouse servers breaking into dance.

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