When Danbury's Mayor Mark Boughton announced he would do an official dedication of the Uncle Sam statue in Danbury, CT, I knew what he had to do — steal Mark's thunder.

The date was July 25, 2019 and Mark was set for his dedication at 2:00 PM. Before he could get to the podium, I went out on the same day and delivered the world's weirdest speech.

The two speeches got a lot of local attention. Whose was better? That would be left to the i95 Instagram audience. Here is what Mark and I had to say to each other when the dealin' was done:

He knew he was bested. There was no question about who the clear winner was and you could hear it in his voice.

The dialogue that day should have been all about what a nice, family event he'd thrown to introduce the statue to the public. Instead, all he heard about all day was what I did. I box out, bro, that's the game. You want points? You first need the ball. To get it, you box out when it goes up. Any good baller knows that.

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