This was posted by a Tik-Tok user @racheldin back on June 21 of 2020. She stopped to marvel at the unusual environment she observed on the streets of Danbury that night. I guess if you mix a laser light show with a 38 foot statue of Uncle Sam it is worth documenting.

I hear a lot of complaints about Danbury from residents of our great city and from folks from surrounding towns. I don't know why, I've lived in other towns and areas in the Greater Danbury area and none of them have brought me the joy that the Hat City has.

I don't know too many other areas around here that have a mega statue or get into social media battles with national comedians, oh wait I do, none. This city is way too much fun for it's own good.

If we didn't have anything to do or look at, people would complain about that. Lighten up my people, it's fun out on our streets and safe for you to be out there. Try living in NYC right now and tell me if you think Danbury sucks.

Fun facts about our Uncle Sam statue:

  • Uncle Sam stood high over Danbury, CT back in the days of the Great Danbury Fair until it closed down in 1981.
  • After the Fair closed it was purchased by the Magic Forest Amusement Park in Lake George, NY where it stood for nearly 40 years.
  • Danbury purchased the stature back from Magic Forest in 2018.
  • When Sam was officially in place I did the most popular dedication ceremony in the history of dedication ceremonies.
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