No way I am burying the lead on this one.

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A man named Gerald Blake Rockhead was arrested in Danbury on Tuesday (8/16/22). That's right ROCKHEAD, was arrested with CRACK ROCK. What the actual F---!? I could not believe my eyes when I saw the press release from Sgt. Krupinsky of the Danbury Police Department.

According to the Danbury press release, 43-year-old Gerald Blake Rockhead was under investigation on suspicion of drug transactions in the area for quite some time. Danbury PD said they saw Rockhead in the middle of a drug deal on Tuesday, and interrupted him. After a search of the man's drawers (underwear), they found 8 grams of crack cocaine. That's right crack-rock, in his ass-crack.

A deeper look into the man, allegedly turned up more offenses (27 more grams of crack cocaine & drug paraphernalia). The additional drugs were reportedly found in a hotel room associated with him. The timing was not good for Rockhead because the police already had warrants ready to go to search him when they broke up his deal Tuesday. Rockhead was charged with an array for drug charges and held on a $150,000 bond.

The arrests were the work of Detectives from the Danbury Police Departments Special Investigations Division (SID), Brookfield Police Department Detectives, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the Danbury Police Departments Patrol Division.

This arrest begs the question, was this a self-fulfilling prophecy for Gerry? When you grow up with the name Rockhead, are you more susceptible to dealing crack? How can you be an alleged crack dealer and have the name Rockhead? This happens all the time in society, a few times a year we read stories like this. Derek Boozegut, busted for drunken disorderly in Ohio. Bobby Facepuncher was arrested and charged with assault in New Mexico.

P.S. As always, people are innocent until proven guilty, but c'mon? Am I supposed to ignore the name, or the circumstances? Is that what an adult would do?

ALSO, ALSO, ALSO, let's look at the drug specificity. His name is not Gerry Weedface or Gerry Methball. He was specifically charged with crack cocaine (allegedly) with the name Rockhead.

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