Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has been appointed as the Tax Commissioner for the State of Connecticut by Governor Ned Lamont. What does this mean for Danbury? According to the City charter, the President of the City Council will take his place.

The news broke late last night (12/10/20) and this morning, I-95's Lou Milano demanded answers on behalf of Hat City residents, storming the gates of City Hall, carrying signs and screaming at buildings.

I spent a lot of energy to accomplish little this morning. The Mayor was not there and we did not get our interview. The questions remain, what is next for Danbury? How long has the Mayor been sitting on this information? Did he take pause in going to work for an administration from the opposition party? Who does he think he is?

The questions will linger a bit longer, but not that much longer. I just received confirmation that the Mayor will join us Monday morning (12/14/20) at 8:45 EST on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show to answer the tough questions about a decision that has rocked the Hat City.

I can also confirm that we are currently working hard, behind the scenes to get the President of the City Council, Joe Cavo on the program and we have officially booked another City Council member Roberto Alves.

All this and more on next weeks Ethan and Lou program. Ethan and Lou; doing stuff and things since 2007.

P.S. Here's another report I did there, thinking of putting this on my news demo.

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