Quick, ditch the evidence. When all else fails, just swallow.

Here's another instance of Danbury's residents being fed up by drugs being sold in and around their neighborhoods.

That event occurred on April 26. The very next day, local investigators were at it again.

According to a Danbury Police Department report, on April 27, members of the Danbury Police Department’s Special Investigations Division, with the assistance of the Community Conditions Unit, the Patrol Division and a federal law enforcement official executed court authorized search and seizure warrants for the residence located on Wooster Heights Road, the person of Lee Alexander, and his phone.

As with the warrants that previously led to the arrest of Xavier Bishop, these too were issued because of an investigation that got its start weeks earlier in response to citizen complaints that someone was selling illegal drugs, namely crack cocaine, within the City of Danbury.

Here's where we find two people doing what they were told, and the third taking matters into his own hands, and eventually mouth.

According to the police report, when investigators and officers executed the search warrants and tried to gain entry to the residence, they had to force their way into where Lee Alexander and two other males were located.

The two males cooperated with police commands, but Alexander refused. In the process, he swallowed an unidentified object believed to be illicit drugs. In fear for his medical well-being, medical personnel were summoned, who later transported Alexander to the hospital for preventive treatment.

As a result of all searches, a small amount of marijuana was seized from the residence. Based on the findings and Alexander’s physical resistance to cooperate with police personnel, he was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Interfering With a Search Warrant. His Bond was set at $10,000, however, no amount of money will buy him a brain.

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