Learn how two area fourth-graders inspired their classmates.

From a post on the Danbury Public Schools FB page, J.D. Andrews and Alex Ascone, two fourth-graders from PembrokeLearn how two area fourth-graders inspired their classmates. Elementary School saw that thousands of victims who lost just about everything needed help when Hurricane Dorian annihilated their homes in the Bahamas.

The two fourth-graders began their fundraising journey by placing buckets in each classroom while asking fellow students to give as many pennies as they could to help out.

Bahamas Relief Effort Begins in Wake of Dorian Destruction
Getty Images - Hurricane Dorian savages the Bahamas...

Each morning, J.D. and Alex were allowed to address the student body during morning announcements to make everyone aware of the fundraiser while encouraging competition. Their strategy turned into a game of "penny wars" and within four days they helped raise a sizeable amount of money for the American Red Cross.

The boys are currently composing a letter to the American Red Cross that will be included with the $1,500 donation. J.D said, "They need stuff like food and water to survive right now." Alex added, "It's important to save people's lives. It's working together just a little bit to make a difference."


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