It all began when a Danbury Police Officer heard a man call for help.

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He had tumbled off a bridge trestle on East Franklin St. and landed on the river bed in a pile of heavy brush. The call went out to the Danbury Fire Department and EMS units who responded immediately and found the man injured about 12 feet down from the wall.

The injured man was found lying in a clump of poison ivy and underbrush. The Danbury Fire Dept. quickly raced into action by clearing the brush away and securing the injured man into a basket stretcher. After using ropes to raise the man up to the street level, he was taken to Danbury Hospital for treatment.  

Danbury Fire Dept. Press Release

The professionalism and expertise of the Danbury Police and Fire Departments are second to none in the State of Connecticut. The Fire Department is an all-hazard emergency response agency that responds to everything from medical emergencies to water leaks, odors, fallen trees, motor vehicle accidents, and others.

From all of us here at Townsquare Media Danbury, we thank both departments for giving all Danbury residents the peace of mind knowing that you're keeping us all safe and sound.

Danbury Fire Dept. FB Page

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