The study came from Consumer Affairs and it's bad news for at least one CT city, Hartford.

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Consumer Affairs set out to determine which cities in America have the worst drivers and Memphis, Tennessee was named the worst of the worst. Here are the Top 5:

1. Memphis, TN

2. Baton Rouge, LA

3. Albuquerque, NM

4. Macon, GA

5. St. Louis, MO

Hartford landed at #16 on the list with a terrible score of 15.8 "bad driving fatal crashes per 100K." For comparison, the national average is 5.8. These cities were named the safest:

1. Green Bay, WI

2. Cary, NC

3. Oxnard, CA

4. Bellevue, WA

5. McKinney, TX

No, Danbury was not on the list but here's why it did not qualify but only because it's too small. But I am here to tell you it should be on the list and right near the top. I thought I'd seen it all, I thought I'd done all the complaining that I could do until I saw something last Friday (7/14/23).

I was taking my daily stroll along Main street. I walk in a pattern, it's a giant square in the Downtown area and I did two loops that day. On both loops around I saw a wrong way driver. That's correct, two separate individuals driving north in the southbound lanes of Main Street. Add that to the growing list of complaints I have about the driving experience on Main Street which include:

  • Driving on the sidewalk (yes, I saw that)
  • Running red lights
  • Cars parked in the slow lane on Main Street
  • Pedestrians popping out in the middle of the street where there is no crosswalk
  • Illegal motorcycles swerving between cars

Just keep it up everyone, keep doing what you want and everything should workout just right.

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